Success Gardening Solutions, LLC.

What We Offer

Founded on the core values of professionalism, integrity, and quality, we have an unparalleled passion for farming and tailor our services to improve the overall economy by helping farmers grow better crops. From consulting and mentoring the youth to organizing development programs and community service, we do it all.

Success Gardening Solutions, LLC.

Here is a Brief Overview
of Our Services:

  • Consulting – Unfunded or rejected grant Proposal, Program Development

  • Afterschool & summer school enrichment – Age group Pre-K-12 Onsite sessions Health & Nutrition, STEM and Agriculture

  • Farm Mentoring Program – Mentoring youth to explore a career in Agriculture. The United States is facing a risk of food shortage due to growing population demands and an alarming decrease in the number of farmers and food production systems.

  • Field Trips – Age group PreK-12 focus on Health & Nutrition, STEM and Agriculture

  • Living Off the Land – Adults wanting to experience how to eat, live and be healthy.

Success Gardening Solutions, LLC.
Success Gardening Solutions, LLC.


We grow multiple varieties of local and international crops on our farms, ranging from heirloom vegetables and fruits to medicinal plants and herbs. Our greenhouses allow us to grow crops all around the year.

Success Gardening Solutions, LLC.